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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Set up my domain name!!

Feeling very nervous and apprehensive, have finally registered my website domain name and committed to a web hosting site. Need to really get cracking as I want this up and running for the next show so I can start to sell, sell, sell. Me being me I have opted to do this the hard way and build it myself. My head is buzzing from all the geek speak I have tried to take in from various books on building your own website. I don't think I shall be fluent in html in the next few days but am certainly learning how to take step 1.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Isla B Baby Products

Tinkle tents the perfect solution for catching an unexpected tinkle when chaniging a boys nappy.

Re-usable wet wipes!

All the burp cloths come packaged in pretty voil bags making them a perfect gift.

Boys need burp cloths too!

These proved to be a huge hit at the last show so will be making an apperance at the next show in the new fabrics.

Our Next Fayre

Beautiful New Fabrics

My gorgeous green fabrics have arrived and are looking lovely. Decided I needed to offer something more than that the pretty blue's and pinks that I had on offer at the last show. Can't wait to see them made up into bandanna bibs with toweling backs and burp cloths not to mention my oh so successful changing mat bags!

More than a Mama's next show

Very excited about our next up and coming show, following on from the success of our Berkhamsted show were are going on the road, well off to Harpenden so a little down the road!
We then have 2 more shows back in Sunny Berkhamsted on of which will be an evening show.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday 24th July 2009

Finally got around to setting up a blog site and can see it could easily become addictive!

Spent the week researching how to build my own website and plan to spend this week getting it all started. All seems very exciting and a little overdue as I have had my finished products ready for 8 weeks now. Still with 3 small children (age 4, 2 and 7 weeks) its not surprising that nothing happens quickly around here.