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Saturday, 27 March 2010

On a mission

Grace, Lottie and Finlay are all together for a photo!

The lovely hangers are far to cute to go in a wardrobe so will be adorning the walls of the children's room with favourite outfits.

Ballerina princess Lottie

Am really pleased to be enjoying my sewing, even after a busy fortnight of sewing for the More than a mama fayre!
The children got out some Maileg skittles the other week and the solders inspired me to make Finlay an appliqued name for his room as blogged about yesterday. Having 3 children means I'm going to make one for each child so while I was on a role I made Lottie's little ballerina princess.
Am hoping that by the end the week the children will each have an applique hanging above their beds and one of these beautiful Maileg hangers with a dress or outfit from when they were little to decorate the walls.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Am ready for the fayre! (I think)

It has just gone 10:30 the night before a fayre and I am organised! This is normally where I still have a million and one things to do and end up going to bed in the small hours, now I am sure this doesn't mean I am actually organised but more that I have just forgotten about 3 hours worth of things that do need doing, and so because I think I have everything ready I have just spent the last hour making Finlay a sign to go above his bed.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tiny cost tops

Making my son 2 funky t-shirts was not really top of the list of priorities today but the Boden catalogue arrived with a welcome thud this morning and lots of pages had the corners turned over by mid morning! Alas though this is a wish list at the moment as I can not justify spending £16 on a gorgeous T-shirt for a 9 month old who is growing super fast and getting food stains on everything!
So on my trip into town this afternoon to collect Grace from school we found some very very cheap T-shirts that I decided I could embellish with my own characters, so instead of sewing for the Fayre on Friday I veered of track and had fun making these.
They were very easy to do and although not quite the super cool appearance of a Boden T they certainly do for a 9 month old.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

More bunnies please

The bunnies all went to loving new homes last night and looked very cute tucked up in their little beds!
Will need to get some more made for this Fridays More than a Mama fair as I am sure they will again be a success.

Swim bags

At the last couple of fairs I have sold tote bags for PE kits that have done well so it was no surprise last night at a local pamper evening when I was asked to make some swimming bags in the same style. After some playing around with various dodgy designs I have finally settled on these and now just need to get them finished off for Friday.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Finlay helping me sew

Couldn't resist adding this lovely photo of my little man on mothers day. He was helping me sew, well helping may not be the right choice of word but he did have fun pulling the thread out of the draws and I did eventually make a couple of tweed purses while my lovely husband cooked me a delicious lunch of eggs benedict. All in all its been a very nice day so far x

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Got a bit carried away today and made 7 little purses so thought I would share my 3 favourites with you.
The lovely pink and green velvet has been sitting in my fabric pile for months waiting to be used for something scrumptious so I combined my stash of Liberty print fabrics with the velvet to create these little purses. Am now wishing I had bought more velvet at the time!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Spring Clean

At last my little designated sewing area at the back of the kitchen is looking small but workable, despite the fact that we have a lovely big summerhouse at the bottom of the garden that my husband works from, I need to be able to work from the house and juggle the children around fitting some sewing in here and there. I would love a whole room to sew in but for now I am happy with my little sewing haven.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Easter Bunny products

My bunnies arrived today to tuck into my sleep sacks and although I would have preferred to see them with some maileg bunnies these are cute substitute and should make them a nice affordable alternative to an Easter egg. They even come with their own little tale to tell nestled inside the sack and are available to buy on my islabbaby website or at the next More than a Mama fair on the 26th March.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Gruffalo Costume

As its national book day today my 4 year old had to go to school dressed as her favourite character from a book so when she chose The Gruffalo I thought ok am sure we can buy a costume online. I then came to realise there are no costumes available! So we made one and here is the result.
All was going well this morning until everyone started to pay lots of attention to Grace and then it suddenly became a little overwhelming for her and she burst into tears. So here I am at home feeling really pleased that we managed to get the costume made but very deflated that Grace was upset this morning and that perhaps today won't be the warm fuzzy day I had hoped it would be!