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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tiny cost tops

Making my son 2 funky t-shirts was not really top of the list of priorities today but the Boden catalogue arrived with a welcome thud this morning and lots of pages had the corners turned over by mid morning! Alas though this is a wish list at the moment as I can not justify spending £16 on a gorgeous T-shirt for a 9 month old who is growing super fast and getting food stains on everything!
So on my trip into town this afternoon to collect Grace from school we found some very very cheap T-shirts that I decided I could embellish with my own characters, so instead of sewing for the Fayre on Friday I veered of track and had fun making these.
They were very easy to do and although not quite the super cool appearance of a Boden T they certainly do for a 9 month old.

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