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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Princess an the Princess and the Pea!

For all those coming to the Berkhamsted Pimms and Pamper evening tonight in Berkhamsted town hall, will be in with a chance to win this lovely handmade Princess and the Pea that comes with a lovely princess from The Puppet Company. Each bed has a lovely handmade blanket, 2 pillows and 5 scrummy mattress's.
As I am trying my hand at some boy versions of things I have also made to sell a lovely Prince and The Pea bed. Tickets to win the girls Princess and bed are a bargain £1 or £3 for 5 tickets so someone is going to go home with a great deal!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Happy Birthday Lottie

Well with one day to go before our lovely Pims and Pamper evening a welcome break was taken today from all the preparations to celebebrate Lottie's 3rd Birthday. She had a lovely party in the Garden this morning with 6 best friends and has spent the rest of the day dancing around to ballet music in a lovely new dress from Granny and Grandad. And although her cake was not a patch on the fabulouse cakes from Nievie pie it still went down a treat with the little ones.
Can not belive that this is the same little baby in the photo that was taken 3 years ago today she seems so grown up in just a blink!

Monday, 7 June 2010

If only I had more time!

I sometimes wonder how much work I could get done in a day or a whole week without children, dinners, and housework to juggle at the same time.
Most of my work gets done in little snippets here and there and today was a really good example of that.
I am a packaging junky, I am attracted to a certain type of packaging regardless of the content or item and so I decided to give my lovely new hair towels a shiny new label that then ended up with my making 3 more labels to enhance their packaging! So in between school drop-off, lunch, flyering for the next event, school pick up again and tea I have made 3 labels and it has made me really want a week to just get on with all the things for Islabbaby that I keep meaning to do.
Tomorrow Finlay is having a few of my friends around with there little ones for cake and pass the parcel so I really now must crack on with the list of jobs for today that got set aside in favour of doodling labels.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak at my new labels for one of my lovely new products that will be available at the Pimms and Pamper evening on the 23rd June in Berkhamsted town hall from 7pm.

I am super excited about them as they have truley solved the wet hair problem in our house. (Product shots to follow)
My very soon to be 3 year old and soon to 5 year old can not keep a towel on their heads long enough after a bath to dry even a strand of hair so by the time they get downstairs their poor Pj's are dripping wet. So my lovely new gingham trimmed childrens Happy Hair Towels are just the job!