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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Photo's Photo's Photo's

Am sure I shall be adding yet more images soon but its getting late now and I have the first of our More than a Mama December fayre meetings tomorrow so best get some shut eye!
I could go on and on with the photos but wanted to include one of my bandanna bibs as they to are proving to be very popular.
And of course what better place to stash all these yummy goodies than a Isla B Baby changing bag, its amazing what you can fit into one of these little changing mat bags.

Can not wait to see some of these pretty fabrics made up into products!

My lovely hair bands have sold out until next week. They have been really popular so I am making them in some of the new fabrics that have arrived.

Thought I would start with the lovely Meg the Peg in all her colourful outfits, she is such fun to make I think I could get a little carried away!
Well as the title suggests I Have spent some of today taking photo's of my stock, it seems no matter how many I take I sit down and discover I haven't taken one of the item I need! Still have to start somewhere If I am going to put my sales skills into practice.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

More photos from the Harpenden Fayre

Princess beds and Fabrics
Burp cloths and Bandana bibs

Changing mat's and Handmade wrapped soaps

More Princess beds with peg dolls

Meg the peg and re-usable wipes

More Meg the pegs!

A visit home and Harpenden Fayre

Its a been a busy week, travelling north to vist Alnmouth where I grew up then back south in time for the Harpenden More than a Mama fayre. So I thought I should update my blog as its been looking like a cookery blog recently!

The Harpenden Fayre was a great success! I met so many lovely Mum's and like minded crafters that it didn't feel like work at all!

I did however forget to take my camera so have to thank Marie for being more organised and taking photo's for me!

My tinkle tents caused much hilarity amongst the Mum's. Those with only girls were very amused and those with boys heartily agreed that they were a fab idea. Meg the Peg made her debut as did My range of bed linen in bags having previously only avaialble to order.
Hair bandana's and baby dribble bandana's were a big success as were my re-usable wet wipes perfect for toddler hands as well as babbies when out and about.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Funny old week!

Grace and Lottie at Grove Farm having a blast! We picked carrots and turned them into Yummy carrot muffins and Raspberries for a delicious Pavlova as well as lots of other vegetables!

At the start of the week we made it to Ivinghoe to the fabulous farm to pick our own fruit and veg. The girls loved it and it triggered a cooking frenzy in the Powell kitchen with much bowl and spoon licking by the girls

It has however been a funny old week, what with me turning 36 and my dear old Grandma passing away at the age of 92 its been a week for reflecting.
My grandma when I was a child would make the most exquisite dolls clothes for my dolls as well as making me a beautiful rag doll that I treasured for many years her talents far exceeded my own but I know she would love the group of More than a Mama's that I am involved with. So with next more than mama fayer on the horizon I know the next week is going to be one crammed with organizing as well as traveling home for a long overdue walk on the beach!