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Sunday, 27 September 2009

A visit home and Harpenden Fayre

Its a been a busy week, travelling north to vist Alnmouth where I grew up then back south in time for the Harpenden More than a Mama fayre. So I thought I should update my blog as its been looking like a cookery blog recently!

The Harpenden Fayre was a great success! I met so many lovely Mum's and like minded crafters that it didn't feel like work at all!

I did however forget to take my camera so have to thank Marie for being more organised and taking photo's for me!

My tinkle tents caused much hilarity amongst the Mum's. Those with only girls were very amused and those with boys heartily agreed that they were a fab idea. Meg the Peg made her debut as did My range of bed linen in bags having previously only avaialble to order.
Hair bandana's and baby dribble bandana's were a big success as were my re-usable wet wipes perfect for toddler hands as well as babbies when out and about.

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