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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Photo's Photo's Photo's

Am sure I shall be adding yet more images soon but its getting late now and I have the first of our More than a Mama December fayre meetings tomorrow so best get some shut eye!
I could go on and on with the photos but wanted to include one of my bandanna bibs as they to are proving to be very popular.
And of course what better place to stash all these yummy goodies than a Isla B Baby changing bag, its amazing what you can fit into one of these little changing mat bags.

Can not wait to see some of these pretty fabrics made up into products!

My lovely hair bands have sold out until next week. They have been really popular so I am making them in some of the new fabrics that have arrived.

Thought I would start with the lovely Meg the Peg in all her colourful outfits, she is such fun to make I think I could get a little carried away!
Well as the title suggests I Have spent some of today taking photo's of my stock, it seems no matter how many I take I sit down and discover I haven't taken one of the item I need! Still have to start somewhere If I am going to put my sales skills into practice.

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