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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Spring Clean

At last my little designated sewing area at the back of the kitchen is looking small but workable, despite the fact that we have a lovely big summerhouse at the bottom of the garden that my husband works from, I need to be able to work from the house and juggle the children around fitting some sewing in here and there. I would love a whole room to sew in but for now I am happy with my little sewing haven.


  1. Love the sewing haven - it looks like a creative space. I so want to create something one day! I have a wicker chest of scraps of fabric and card making things that is much neglected in the house. Need my own little haven (away from the phones and laptop of Cottontails retail 'empire' lol!)
    ps the pink drawer things on my photo were from Ikea. Ever so reasonable.

  2. oh lovely1 any space is better than no space, huh?

  3. perfect! must attack my sewing/war zone soon!