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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Am ready for the fayre! (I think)

It has just gone 10:30 the night before a fayre and I am organised! This is normally where I still have a million and one things to do and end up going to bed in the small hours, now I am sure this doesn't mean I am actually organised but more that I have just forgotten about 3 hours worth of things that do need doing, and so because I think I have everything ready I have just spent the last hour making Finlay a sign to go above his bed.


  1. lovely!
    I'm very impressed, I'm as disorganised as ever and still up at 1.30am! See you at the fayre x

  2. Good luck with your fair today - hope it goes really well.

    I am hopeless at fairs... bit too shy and just stand there grinning.


  3. I went to the fayre today as I was up visiting my mum who lives near by ( I live in Wiltshire) and I was so impressed with everything.

    Your stall was gorgeous. So beautifully presented and I bought a lovely little childs cotton nurses outfit from you. It's going to be an Easter gift for my daughter from her granny and grandad.

    I hope your day was a sucess.