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Saturday, 27 March 2010

On a mission

Grace, Lottie and Finlay are all together for a photo!

The lovely hangers are far to cute to go in a wardrobe so will be adorning the walls of the children's room with favourite outfits.

Ballerina princess Lottie

Am really pleased to be enjoying my sewing, even after a busy fortnight of sewing for the More than a mama fayre!
The children got out some Maileg skittles the other week and the solders inspired me to make Finlay an appliqued name for his room as blogged about yesterday. Having 3 children means I'm going to make one for each child so while I was on a role I made Lottie's little ballerina princess.
Am hoping that by the end the week the children will each have an applique hanging above their beds and one of these beautiful Maileg hangers with a dress or outfit from when they were little to decorate the walls.

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  1. what a lovely idea, I saw some of these gorgeous hangers in H&C today, I took Maddie into the attic cafe for the 1st time ever but she said she didn't like it, "too dusty and full of old things!", I think she meant the antiques, not the old dears! I think your appliqued names should make their way into your shop, very lovely