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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

funny day

My day has been filled with both frustration and amusement of equaling amounts. It began this morning with Grace declaring that she is old enough to choose what she wants to wear in the morning and at almost 5 she's right she is but its the lack of regard for the weather that this morning caused the argument. Grace carefully selected a summer dress then refused point blank to back down when I told it was too cold for a dress on its own so she decided that a pair of leopard print legging were the solution with her pink snow boots!
I then took Finlay to get his first pair of cruiser shoes only to discover that he didn't fit any as he curls his toes!! So despite a 40 min battle in the shoe shop we left disappointed and headed to the park. At the park I got a call from a company I would love to buy from for my website who have been lovely and patient in waiting for me to get the site ready and my act together but they do always seem to call when I am juggling the children and today was no different, when they called I did amusingly tell them that I was at the park with the children as it was school hols so they know not to expect my total attention, however half way through the conversation I looked up to see that Lottie my 2 nearly 3 year old had her trousers down and was shouting Mummy I've done a poo! When it was time to leave the park Grace decided to shout that she wasn't Grace and that I wasn't her Mummy and she didn't want to come home with me!! Quite a good delay tactic from her as I then felt the curious looks of lots of other parents checking me out to make sure I was really her mum.
All this said my day is getting better as the dinner is nearly ready and my lovely knew pink breakfast stool has arrived for my sewing area.


  1. hilarious! not for you maybe though! pics of your new stool please! x

  2. p.s. I mean the new pink stool, not Lottie's creation from the park earlier! lol xx

  3. I am feeling the pain! You just described my life!!!