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Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Gruffalo Costume

As its national book day today my 4 year old had to go to school dressed as her favourite character from a book so when she chose The Gruffalo I thought ok am sure we can buy a costume online. I then came to realise there are no costumes available! So we made one and here is the result.
All was going well this morning until everyone started to pay lots of attention to Grace and then it suddenly became a little overwhelming for her and she burst into tears. So here I am at home feeling really pleased that we managed to get the costume made but very deflated that Grace was upset this morning and that perhaps today won't be the warm fuzzy day I had hoped it would be!


  1. WOW,what an incredible costume, you should sell these, it's amazing!!
    Grace looks fab (that is Grace under there isn't it?!)
    Little Georgie was none too keen on the attention her bear outfit was attracting this morning in the playground :o(

  2. Oh my God, that is AMAZING! Completely recognisable - you should make them and put them on ebay or something, seriously!

    Hope Grace is okay... bless her.


  3. That is brilliant! How cool are you!

  4. Geez Louis! I have never seen the Gruffalo before this, so I went and searched for their website. Very cool! I will definitely share this with my 5 year old, Lauren. That is a coolest of the girls costumes that I've seen so far. Nicely done!

  5. That is fab - Matt told Sam about it so came searching for you blog to see pictures of it!

  6. Would you by any chance provide me with the instructions as how you made that great costume? My kids have a Gruffalo party in kindergarden and would love to as Gruffalo. Thanks in advance!!

  7. Hi many thanks for your post, when my daughter anounced she wanted to be the gruffalo i was daunted by the prospect of the costume but it turned out to not be that tough to do.
    I made a large paper mache head on balloon and then cut a bit of the back to form a helmet. I then made a face on a large piece of brown sherpa fabric with felt using a very simple free motion embroidery needle and foot on my machine and cut eye holes out and space for two ears stuffed and pushed through the paper mache and sherpa to hold them in place.
    The body was very badly made by simply drawing around my daughter and sewing her shape then adding a bit of wadding around the tummy to pad her out a bit.
    The feet are sherpa attached to a pair of old slippers with felt for the toes.
    The costume is now somewhere in my daughters school dressing up box so I have no idea how well it has stood the test of time but it was a lot of fun to make!

    Good luck