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Monday, 1 February 2010

My website is live!

Well as the title says my web site is live! There are 101 changes I know I will make over the coming weeks, days and months but its a start. I think because I knew nothing about website building (as any web designer will tell you is very evident) there is a great sense of satisfaction at having got this far and other than my web hosting it was free to do!
So feel free to visit my website


  1. Just checked out your site - it all looks fab - well done! LOVE IT! x

  2. Well done, well done!! You did all that yourself??

    Believe me I know how terribly terribly time consuming it is to get things working and looking okay. I used to do some web design myself but now I use someone who is lovely and we work together a lot, but even so it can be a painful process.

    I had to smile when I saw your post was at sometime after midnight - I think every single time I have ever launched or made any major change to the website it has ended up 'going live' sometime in the small hours - despite every intention to have it finished by tea time!!

    Anyway, well done. I had a good look round and really love the aprons and also the napkins. The home page is really pretty.

    And the best bit of all is the bunny looking at everything from the corner. That's great!!

    Love Charlotte

  3. Looks great, congratulations. Now will you do mine?