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Monday, 5 July 2010

Little wooden bed

A while ago I bought this lovely little bed in my local Oxfam store that was in need of a little love and care and it has been sitting in the dinning room for some time now looking at me and bugging me as I really haven't had the time to clean it up. So today with my fayre, Birthday parties and holiday all behind me I made a little time for the wooden bed.
It now has a lovely red ticking mattress, an appliqued quilt, matching cushion and with a fresh coat of white paint it has scrubbed up rather nicely.
I am however rather convinced that I will come downstairs in the morning and find the cat snuggled up inside it!


  1. Gorgeous, love the bedding!

  2. that is GORGEOUS, if only I was (much) smaller, I'd sleep in it!

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