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Thursday, 10 February 2011

My first item of clothing

I know I sew quite regularly but I have always avoided sewing the children any clothing, I think I have always found sewing patterns to seem unbelievably complicated and intimidating.
About 6 months ago I bought a lovely book called "making children's clothes" and have been flicking through it for the past month thinking I really must get over this fear of pattern following. So yesterday when Finlay settled down for his afternoon nap I got out the book and made the simplist item from it I could find and it worked! It may not be perfect and the stiching may be a little wibly in places but it worked! Its lined, it fits and with the help of some lovely Tanya Whelan fabric its quite cute!
So I quite proudly present you my first item of clothing!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I am seriously impressed with that!

    I am learning to sew (have been doing little courses and things for a few months now) and kind of getting there. But like you, I am scared of patterns.

    I briefly considered trying to sew myself a bikini this week (because Mike's taking me to a spa tomorrow, I have nothing to wear, and shops aren't selling much in Feb) and saw a lovely pattern in a book in the library - then realised the insanity of this (can't even insert elastic etc) So am off to Worcester M&S shortly...!

    Love Charlotte

    ps You should be really proud! x