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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Snuggle Blankets

In our house a snuggle blanket is an essential item, not because we have a cold house but more because the children have all grown up with a blanket to cuddle up with on the sofa. These blankets generally get dragged around from sofa to bed, to car, to garden, to Granny and Grandads and would possibly make it to school if I didn't intervene!
So when my new Dr Seuss fabric arrived I knew I would be making some blankets so others can experience snuggling in luxury! These blankets are backed with softest cuddle sherpa so feel like a super soft teddy bear. The blankets will be available to buy on my website in the next few weeks and at the next More than a Mama fair.


  1. looking forward to the More Than A Mama Spring Fair and seeing your lovely wares! x

  2. Love your snuggle blankets! Love your new look blog too, GORGEOUS! x