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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

My Mad Hatter New Years Eve Costume

I do love fancy dress, so when my husband and I were invited to a New Years Eve Fancy Dress dinner I found myself in dressing up heaven! I think all grown ups should take time to be childish every so often and fancy dress instantly takes me back to being a child and makes me smile. 
As for new years resolutions which I know I should be making, they can wait. Christmas seems to have gone by in a blink, the fridge is still groaning and the house looks like Hamleys! I don't want the holidays season to end and making resolutions makes me feel like its over so I shall make my resolutions on Wednesday when the Grace and Lottie (first day at Nursery) go back to school. For the meantime though I will ignore the laundry stacking up and spend as much time as possible playing with the children and enjoying listening to the amazing adventures that the newly acquired Sylvanian Families are having in our house!


  1. you look amazing! Happy New Year!

  2. fab outfit - what did Matt go as?

  3. wow, you look Fantastic!!! Happy New Year to you all xxxx