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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I am a stationary Junkie

Its official I am and always have been a stationary junkie! I try to keep a lid on this habit of buying notebooks before finishing old ones but sometimes you come across a range of goodies that are just too irresistible. I therefore thought you might like to share in my excitement and have a look at the fabulous website where these goodies can be purchased for very little! They make great party bag fillers and there patterned tapes are a great way to decorate a dull Tupperware lunch box.


  1. oh my word, you shouldn't have shown me that site, full or eye candy!

  2. oh I LOVE that site, I came across it when I needed some cute SAN-X items....although I had forgotten about it until I saw your post and now I'm just waiting for a delivery of my own bumper order that I've just made! :o) xx