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Sunday, 18 October 2009

London Bus & The Queens Guards

Its been a lovely weekend and a visit from Granny and Grandad to make it extra special!Grace and Lottie managed to stay asleep till 6am before they wanted to wake Granny and Grandad up, goodness knows what time they shall want to be up this Christmas!

As the weather has turned colder Finlay's newly acquired hat bought from the gorgeous stealing candy both come in use and inspired me along with a card that I bought months ago (I don't seem to be able to part with it) the two items seem to have a similar lovely childish feel about them. So today I set to and had a go at a "Queens Guard". Not sure where he is heading, either into a picture frame or maybe onto a bag and he could do with some tweaking but he seems to have a worthy character so he may well get some friends to join him!

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